New hopes for a female Viagra

Now, what Viagra did for men, a new drug being studied could do for a woman’s sex drive.

For years, low libido in women has been blamed on the laundry, the soccer games, the dishes and life in general.

While that may be partially to blame, millions of women have questioned how they can love their partners and spouses, but lose interest in their sex drive.

“Is this normal, what’s wrong with me, what can I do to make it better?” asks one woman, who preferred to not be identified. “Then you start getting into viagra för kvinnor insecurities. What’s this going to do to my marriage, what are all the other women doing about this.”

Until now, the answer has been – nothing.

That’s why the clinical trial of a new drug is exciting – both to potential patients and doctors.

It was originally investigated as an anti-depressant.“But it didn’t work well,” says UT Southwestern gynecologist Bruce Carr. “Now the company that was investigating it was going to shelve it but they found when they looked at the data that the women that had taken it, one of the side-effects is increased sex drive, or increased libido.”

Dr. Carr is among the investigators of Flibanserin – a daily medication to improve a woman’s sex cialis 20mg drive.

Last year, the FDA refused to approve Intrinsa, a testosterone patch for women.

Instead of increasing hormone levels, Flibanserin targets the pleasure zones of a woman’s brain.

For this phase three study, researchers are looking for pre-menopausal women, between 18-to-45 years old, in a stable, heterosexual relationship, with no other serious medical conditions.

Doctors say if it works, Flibanserin will help women and men.

“It’ll hope both,” says Dr. Carr. “It’ll help fulfill their [a woman’s] needs and also their husband’s needs and it could really improve relationships.”

That’s why this North Texas mother and wife enrolled.

“I’m doing it for me, I’m doing it for my husband really. Partly because I’m trying to figure out if something’s wrong with me that can be fixed,” she says. “I’m hopeful.”

She doesn’t know if she’s getting the real medication, or a placebo. Nor would she reveal if she’s experiencing an improvement in sex drive.

But she knows many other women are also hoping this drug can do for them what Viagra did for men’s sex lives.

Tips For Using Condom – Tips For Safer Sex

This is the best way for using condom through which you can prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) as well as unwanted pregnancy. It is very important for you for using condom if you have a tendency to enjoy sex with multiple partners simultaneously unless you are in a long-term monogamous relationship. Condoms have been shown to be 98% effective, when used it correctly and consistently.

Here are some tips for using condom that need to kept in mind in order to ensure that you get the best possible protection for yourself and your partner :

1. Check the Expiry Date : Always check the expiry date mentioned for the viagra femme condoms on the package before you buy them. . If you have kept them for a long time and don?t know how old they are, throw them away and get a new one. Old condoms might not offer you the maximum possible protection.

2. Check the Quality Certificate : Make sure that you try to look for the quality certificate of the condom on the packaging before buying it. If it carries the CE mark then you can be assured of its quality.

3. Open Condom Carefully : Do not open the package with your teeth, scissors, nails or other sharp objects. Carefully tear open one side, taking care not to tear the rubber, and ease the condom out onto your palm. Do not let your broken condom before use.

4. Use Condom Every Time : It is important for using a condom every single time during sex. Protection is the key for safer sex. Remember, even one intercourse without a condom can result in STDsand or pregnancy.

5. Use Condom Before Contact : Make sure that you wear the condom ?before any sexual contact or intercourse with your partner to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or other viruses.

6. Store Condom in the Right Place : Avoid to put them in the open or directly exposed to heat and light. Condoms made from latex/rubber, Too much heat can damage them. So, keep them in a cool, dry and safe place, but not in the fridge temperature is too cold. More, keep them away from hard objects such as keys in pockets, clam the iron in the bag or coins in a wallet. The sharp edges can tear the package and the condom.

7. Appropriate Size : Try to look for the appropriate size condom. Too big or too small condom may lead to the risk of sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy.

8. Use Condom After Erection : Wearing condom on your penis after getting a full erection will give you better protection than putting it on a flaccid penis.

9. Avoid Multiple Condom : Do not use male and female condom along with your partner because the two attached condom ineffective. Using two condoms simultaneously increases the chance of them rubbing against each other and causing friction to develop, thereby leading to failure and breakage.

10. Using a Lubricant : Using lubricant will increase the sensation that you feel and also help in keeping you harder and firmer longer. But, Do not use oil based products like body lotion, baby oil, cooking oil, grease, sunscreen or massage lotion. These oil based products can weaken the condom, leading to easy leakage and breakage. Instead use a quality water-based sexual lubricant, it is essential for penetrative sex because they cut down the risk of the condom tearing.

11. Keep Them Handy : Bring your condoms with you all the time even if you think you don?t need them.

12. Dispose Well : Make sure that you throw away the condom after it has been used. Always wrap the used condom in its foil packaging and dispose it off by throwing it in the trash. Do not throw out used condoms down the toilet because it can pollute the environment

Protection is everything. By using condom carefully and properly every time you have sex, then you can enjoy a healthy and long sexual life with minimal risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

Pregnancy Massage – Because You Deserve It!

Pregnancy can be a beautiful and magical time, but it also comes with its aches and pains. Changing body posture, additional strains on back, hips and legs, an increase in body fluid volume, and many other swift changes can set you up for some miserable days. Pregnancy massage, in the hands of a well-trained and caring therapist, can be just the cure your body needs. Besides, you deserve it. While women’s bodies are uniquely designed to accommodate a growing baby, the physiological changes that naturally occur as the baby grows can be quite startling. Many women are surprised to find out that lower back discomfort can begin almost as soon as they get pregnant, as well as when the baby’s weight starts pulling on things. A woman’s total body fluid volume – her blood, lymph, and other fluids – can increase by 1 ½ times, putting pressure on legs and slowing her down. Growing breasts can mean sore shoulders. Add hormonal swings into the mix that make aches and pains that much more irritating, and you have a woman in serious need of a phenq massage!

Pregnancy massage does much more than feel fantastic. Massage therapy, with the many soft tissue techniques available to therapists today, can relax stiff muscles, realign and ease the body’s lines of strain, rejuvenate stagnant blood flow, and calm nerves that are frazzled from sleepless nights. Massage therapy can help with back pains, leg cramps, morning sickness, headaches, sore breasts and belly, and many other pregnancy complaints. A competent, well-trained massage therapist can also watch out for pregnancy trouble signs, and alert you to visit your doctor if anything seems amiss.

Good massage therapists are getting increasingly easy to find, thanks to improvements in training standards throughout North America. Finding a massage therapist with at least two years of schooling, 2000 hours or more, assures you that they are well trained (in British Columbia, look for the letters RMT after their name); finding one that has been working for more than five years tells you they are good enough to maintain a clientele. Having a massage therapist recommended by friends is worth its weight in gold.

Call the massage therapist and ask if they have a focus in prenatal massage. While all good massage training includes pregnancy testogen work, some therapists take extra courses to specialize in it. Also ask if they have a table or pillow system that accommodates pregnancy – come seven or eight months, you’ll pay for the session just so you can lie face down!

Managing IBS

The Facts on IBS

Irritable bowel syndrome, also known as IBS, is a bowel disorder which primarily effects the gastrointestinal tract. Characteristics and symptoms of this disorder include mild to severe abdominal pain, bloating, cramps, excess gas, changes in bowel habits, constipation, and diarrhea. IBS generally begins after a stressful life event or major infection. Pain disorders and psychological conditions are more common in those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome.

Diagnosing IBS

There is no specific test that is used to diagnose IBS. It is generally diagnosed on its symptoms. Since the symptoms of IBS can be caused by many different diseases, doctors follow a procedure to categorize the patient’s symptoms. This criteria eliminates other diseases or may red flag symptoms that indicate it is another problem. Irritable bowel syndrome often accompanies several other medical conditions. These include fibromyalgia, depression, endometriosis, inflammatory bowel disease, and abdominal surgery.

Treating IBS

There is no cure for IBS, but IBS can be treated to relieve symptoms. Treatments include dietary adjustments, psychological help, and medication. Changes in diet is the most effective treatment for IBS. There are a number of dietary changes that can be made to lessen the pain, discomfort, and bowel dyfunction. Removing milk products from one’s diet, minimizing the consumption of red meat and fatty or fried products, and increasing the amount of soluble fiber foods all can help. Also, chocolate, coffee, alcohol, and carbonated beverages should be avoided.

Medications that can be used include laxatives, antispamodics, and drugs affecting serotonin in the intestines. Sufferers of IBS can also try psychotherapy injunction with antidepressants. Hypnotherapy has also shown some success in the treatment of IBS. Alternative treatments are also available. Probiotics, which are generally accepted to be beneficial strains of bacteria and yeast, can help normalize bowel movements. There is also evidence that acupuncture can help ease symptoms.

If you have symptoms of IBS, see you doctor as soon as possible to get a proper diagnosis. IBS is a manageable condition and you can live a normally, happy life again.

Have Fun While Working Out With A Gym

In terms of building up a body that fulfills your standards, it is important that you’re selecting the right platform for getting fit. Simply because if you don’t, there an opportunity you will not shed the excess weight you wanted to shed. To make sure you are having the best then you must contemplate having a gym inCA. The boot camp where they’re situated is exceptional and is the perfect environment for getting stimulated. If you want to ensure that you are getting into good shape the correct way, train with a gymnow.

The reason why training alone doesn’t work is mainly because there really isn’t any kind of external force motivating you. With the presence of a personal fitness trainer; you’ll definitely do the exercises in the appropriate form, and learn more about the basic things to get in shape and healthy. To set an example, your trainer can help you step by step when you do the exercises. This way, you will become much more confident, and you’ll see that your body is shaping up. Apart from training your body; having a fitness expert will also foster your mind.

Folks who have hectic schedules can benefit from this as well. There are a number of people who cannot find the time to train with a gym of their own. However with a boot camp, you get the chance to participate in the sessions being provided. Therefore, there won’t be any pressure to cancel any other obligations or accountabilities. The more often you go to this boot camp, the closer that you will be to reaching your goals.There is nothing to fret about for having a personal fitness trainer at your side will surely lead you to the goals you’ve wanted reach. Just trust them, and everything will go perfectly.

If you don’t have sufficient funds to get a gym membership, the gymis the perfect solution for your dilemma. This is the main reason why this boot camp is moderately priced and is easily affordable for many individuals. Additionally, the only miscellaneous expenditure that you are going to have is for your exercise clothes. In the short time in the future; you can save money significantly should you train with a gym . Also, you’ll enjoy doing the workout in their presence.

People in this boot camp want to experience something different. Aside from that, they also like to work out with others. With a gym, doing exercises will never have to be dull again. You can be sure that the workouts will be completely different. Hence, you’ll be in the moment throughout the whole length of the training session and you won’t even know where the time went. With a gymaround, you don’t need to experience the same boring training any longer.

Explanations About Teeth Whitening Options

Teeth whitening options – whitening toothpaste, whitening strips, gels… which to choose? Get information here.

Teeth whitening, for some, is now as regular a grooming chore as is getting a haircut or having your nails done. You don’t have to wait for the twice annual cleaning your dentist’s office provides to get and keep your teeth clean.

Some people have naturally off-white teeth and others, who drink coffee, red wine, or who smoke tobacco may want extra help keeping their teeth gleaming white between cleanings and there are quite a few options to choose from:

Whitening Toothpaste

Daily use of whitening toothpaste can help you thwart damage that food can cause in terms of discoloration. There are quite a few options on the market that contain whitening ingredients.

Be sure, when you choose a whitening toothpaste that it has the capacity to provide the other care you require for your oral health as well. Fluoride, as well as antibacterial properties are recommended in addition to whitening ability.

Bleaching / Whitening Gels

Whitening gels exist that allow you to, between cleanings, bleach your teeth.

Many can be pasted onto your front teeth and left for several minutes to improve your teeth by a few shades. Some find these a bit cumbersome to use but they are an option that’s fairly inexpensive compared to professional whitening.

Whitening Strips

Popular oral hygiene brand names can offer home-based strips that you can leave on for several minutes to improve the shade of your teeth.

These may not provide as much whitening power as a gel or professional cleaning but will often be somewhat helpful, especially if you are only looking for a minor improvement.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is something many people are opting for in terms of grooming. Some go to their dentist for a bleaching session but there are also store fronts that offer this service as well. Just like you can go to tanning salons, you can go to commercial establishments that offer professional whitening options.

As you can see, a whiter smile is something that’s easily possible. Regardless of what method you prefer, there are several options that could suit your lifestyle, your budget, or the degree of whitening you’re looking for.

5 Easy Ways to Exercise More Throughout the Day

Most of the information you read about exercise will focus on the time youre at the gym. Of course there are a lot of techniques to make the most of your workouts, but even if you spend 2 full hours at the gym every day (which is more time than most of us can spare), you still have 22 hours of the day left to consider. For optimal health most people should be sleeping for 7-9 hours each night, but even then there are 13-15 hours left in the day to be burning calories. Each one of these suggestions are quick, easy ways to burn a few calories here and there that will eventually add up big time.

Take the Stairs

Taking the stairs forces you to use your quads and glutes, two of the biggest muscles in your body. Bigger muscles burn more calories, so you should jump at any chance to use them. If your climb would be a really long one, considering taking the elevator half way to your destination and take the stairs for the rest of the way.

Get off the Couch during Commercials

Sitting down for an hour-long TV show will cause your metabolism to slow to a near halt. Get off the couch and do 10 jumping jacks and 10 push-ups every commercial break you dont always have to work super hard to get results.

Stand Up at Work

You dont necessarily need a treadmill desk to get some exercise at work (although those are pretty cool). If you work at a desk job, try standing for 10 minutes after 50 minutes of sitting. Also, take a quick walk to the water fountain or restroom at least once an hour.

Walk and Talk

I know people who consistently have hour-long phone conversations. Since almost all of us are on cell phones now, taking a quick walk around the block while youre talking on the phone is a great way to get a little extra exercise without taking time away from other things. Standing during parts of your phone conversations is good too.

Bike to the Store

If youre just grabbing a couple small things at a near-by store, you really dont need to drive there. Try biking or walking instead when the weathers nice. This is also a great idea when you go to eat out (just bring a bike light if youre eating out for dinner). Alternatively, whenever you do drive, park at the furthest possible parking spot from the front door. That minute long walk will matter in the long run.

Remedies for Acne Scars Prevention

Present day’s major skin problem that is causing fear and stress in the teenagers as well as adults is the acne and after its prevention also, acne leaves scars on the skin which destroys the entire beauty of the skin. Acne scars is the another major problem facing by almost all the teenagers. To remove these acne scars, people try out many solutions such as creams, lotions and so on that are made available in the market. Most of these products may not produce the positive results. As such people become frustrated and stop trying out the solutions for clearing acne scars.

But the main thing is that they forget the fact that the best solutions for clearing them are present in their homes especially in their kitchen itself. Here are some of the remedies for preventing and removing acne scars that leave on the skin after acne prevention and cause damage to the beauty of the skin.

1. Tomato is sliced into two halves. Take a slice and rub it on the acne scars gently for about 15 minutes. Then rinse off with cold water. This is especially good for the people with oily skin.

2. Take the lemon juice in a bowl and pat your acne effected skin with this juice using cotton. Leave it for 10 minutes to dry and wash with cold water. Do this regularly for at least one month to observe the positive result.

3. Treating acne scars with aloe vera is the traditional way. Take a piece of aloe vera and remove the sticky juice out of it. Apply that juice on the acne scars and massage gently for 10 minutes. Leave it for 10 minutes and then wash with cold water. This is the best method to treat acne scars.

4. Honey works great to prevent acne scars. Apply honey on the acne scars and massage well for 10 minutes. Then rinse off with cold water. The acidic nature of honey helps to even our skin tone and makes the skin smooth and soft. Try out honey remedy daily or thrice in a week to clear the acne scars totally.

5. Using apple vinegar is another remedy for preventing acne scars. Using cotton, apply apple vinegar on the scar affected area and leave it for about 15-20 minutes. Wash with cold water.

6. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with 2 tablespoons of filtered water to make a paste. Rub the acne scars with the mixture for 5-6 minutes and then rinse it off with either cold or hot water. Do it for at least twice a week to get the smooth and acne scars free skin.

7. Grate a pineapple to form a paste. Apply this paste to the scars affected skin and leave it for about 15 minutes. Wash with cold water. As pineapple is rich in ascorbic acid, this remedy helps in fading the acne marks if this remedy is tried regularly.

8. Dip a cotton ball in the milk and wipe the acne scars with the cotton. Do this for 15 minutes. Then wash with warm water. If this is done regularly for a month, you will observe acne free skin.

9. Drinking lot of water is the best and easy home remedy to prevent and cure acne scars. Drink at least 80 ounces of water to make your skin free from acne scars, smooth and shiny.

Apart from trying out the above remedies, intake of healthy food which is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E is very important. Always prefer to eat fresh fruits and vegetables as the healthy diet helps to prevent and control the acne and obviously the acne scars can be prevented and cured.

Child Separation Anxiety Causes and Cures

Child Separation anxiety is the normal response for very young children to being separated from their mothers or when approached by strangers. For many children ages 8 to 14 months is the average developmental stage in which they begin to distinguish between caregivers that they see every day and the faces that are strange to them. At this stage the child starts to learn that people and objects don’t disappear, such development is called ‘object permanence’.  Young children usually express their feeling of anxiety by crying inconsolably. If the child has a new caretaker he/she can help to sooth the child’s anxiety by distracting or engaging the child with play.

The following are tips for handling young children who suffer from separation anxiety:

Allow the child to spend some time with a person that he/she is not familiar with when the parents are there

Gradually introduce new faces and places, for instance, you can take the chid on a visit to a new preschool

Create a ritual for whenever you are leaving home. You can do so by pleasantly but firmly saying goodbye to your child

When anxiety behavior has reached beyond two years of age in young children, it becomes rather troublesome. If your child exhibits more than one symptom of separation anxiety you should consult with a paediatrician in order to get a correct diagnosis. The anxiety of a child can be aggravated by stress. A child may be stressed due to environmental or situational change such as moving or divorce, death of a loved one or of a pet, or a parent that is over-protective. A parent who is over-protective may unconsciously pas on stress about being separated to a child that is emotionally sensitive.

Symptoms of separation anxiety that are most problematic include:

Constant worrying and anxiety over the loss of a family member

Being greatly concerned about being kidnapped or lost

Hesitancy or refusal about going to day care or school

Nightmares about losing a loved one

Repeated complaints of physical pain such as stomach ache or headache when anticipating or experiencing separation

As a parent you should respectfully listen to the fears of the child. Telling the child to ignore their fears or mocking them will not help the child to cope with their separation anxiety. Although separation anxiety may not seem of much concern to a parent the fear is quite real to the child and as such shouldn’t be cast aside as being a nuisance. Being a care giver you should talk with the child about the problem and help them to successfully cope through times when the parent is not there. The child should be encouraged to participate away from the parent in activities that interest them. You can praise the efforts of the child, like going to school or bed, or visiting friends in order to develop healthy relationships with other persons than the parent.

You may get assistance from a counsellor or therapist for both the child and the parent when separation anxiety gets really problematic. When it comes to coping with separation anxiety, talk therapy has proven to be very effective. Medication may sometimes be used but only as a last resort. However, if medication is necessary, then parental support must be absolute.

Simple yet Effective Weight Loss Tips

By losing weight, you are not just trying to be visibly fit, but you are trying to be fit from within, so that your stamina is increased and your body stays healthy. This is not so strict that you have to sacrifice your life for it, instead, you just need to follow some simple tips as discussed here. You can click this page to speed up your weight loss process.

The Table, Plate and Chair Rule

This is a very simple rule to follow. Make sure that whenever you eat, you have these three things with you. This would make sure that you only eat proper food every time you eat, no chips, no fast food in your car, no refrigerated snacks and so on.

When Exercising, Exercise Willpower Too

Most of the people exercise for a week, lose some pounds, then drop the idea because they got too much tired. But actually, it was not their body that got tired, it was their willpower which was not enhanced during the exercise routine. So, when you exercise, make sure you exercise your willpower too. Every night, write down in your diary how much you lost and how motivated you are feeling to lose more.

Let your Expectations Be Realistic

Again, the same mistake which most of the people make. Keep your expectations realistic, even if it would take a year for you to be fit, let it be, don’t scale it down to 4 months, else you would get tired after one month itself.

Find Better Friends

By better friends, we are not telling you to get out of your friends group completely and move into a new group. What we are telling you to do is find similar friends like you, who are on the same point as you, who want to lose weight, hang out with them, plan weight loss with them, eat with them and this way, you would not feel alone while eating or partying.

Say no to Special Occasion Eating

So your son stood first in the class and your wife is telling you to have some sweets? Say no to her. Here, you are not refusing to celebrate your son’s victory, but you are telling yourself to move on your path and be victoriousyourself. If you eat on one occasion, you would not be able to control yourself on some other occasion, and this is how it would continue.