How to get rid of a sore throat ?

A sore throat is a disturbing sickness that we are doing absolutely everything to get rid of as quick as possible. After several decades of trials and errors processes of unique natural remedies, Number of immediate relief recipes were discovered.

Occasionally bad sore throat caused by direct or passive smoking, environmental contamination and unbalanced nutrition. The bodys external symptoms are nasal congestion, headaches and general weakness that might lead to unpleasant feeling in the throat.

If you want to fully understand how to get rid of a sore throat in 24 hours, keep on reading and see the video below about unique, tasty and powerful remedies that passed down from generation to generation. Fortunately, you can examine different sore throat remedies. Follow these quick steps to relieve the discomfort quickly:

Gargle Salt-water solution

Mix half spoon of a coarse salt (not a table salt) with a cup of warm water. Gargle the solution at least 5 times a day after the water has cooled down. Dont wash your mouth with fresh water right away; wait at least 15 minutes until you drink something. Gargling with salt-water solution is the first aid to throat sore. Gargling relieves some swelling and redness in your mouth and eliminates bacteria. The salt solution makes it easier to swallow, speak and improves the local blood circulation.

Sore throat remedy – Black pepper & Cinnamon

Black Pepper & Cinnamon Boil 3 cinnamon sticks in a hot water cup for 10 minutes then spread several grains of coarse pepper. Wait till the mixture cool just enough so you can imbibe the cup without burning your periodontal. Both of the natural ingredients have intense healing properties which Speeds up the process.

Drink tons of Water and other natural Fluids

Drinking 10 glasses of water every day definitely helps to get rid of a sore throat in 24 hours. The body convalesces and gets better while the fresh water drain the infected secretions out. Try the combination of honey and lemon with boiled filtered water, it also sedative the throat Itching. Drinking herbal tea might help, but avoid fluids that contain excess caffeine.

Basil and Honey

Crush 7 basil leaves with 2 spoons of honey and mix it in a cup of warm filtered water until the drinks get a greenish color. Drink the sour remedy slowly, allowing the liquid to soothe the throat as it goes down (you can add sweetener such as sugar if the drink if too sour). By the way a Basil and Honey remedy is also a very effective preventive measure for pain-free throat and the common cold if you drink it daily. Like the great phrase: One apple a day keeps the doctor away.