How To Pop Pimples The Right Way

Okay, you know it’s not a good idea. You’ve been told a thousand times “Don’t squeeze those pimples!” But you can’t help yourself. You have an important place to go and the thought of appearing with that gargantuan zit on your face is more than you can bear. You are going to pop that ugly puppy.

If you must, at least do it as safely as possible.

First, make sure it’s a maximally poppable pimple. That would be one fully developed at the surface with white coloring. Forgot about those pimples that look a little flat and are mostly red at the surface. They are definitely not ready.

Second, take a shower before popping. Hot showers make your skin softer and more pliable. Your body will resist the pressure less after the shower than if you try to pop a completely dry pimple.

Third, raid your mother’s sewing kit and get a sharp needle. If there’s no sewing needle, use the pointy end of a safety pin. Disinfect the end of the needle or pin with isopropyl alcohol – that’s simple rubbing alcohol, for the newbies.

Now, prick the surface of the pimple close to the center. Don’t stab the thing; be gentle. All you’re trying to do is provide a little opening through which the trapped fluid can escape.

Next, cover both your index fingers with absorbent tissues and you’re ready to go for it. Start squeezing the pimple from both sides, at the bottom of the pimple. Again, be gentle and don’t apply too much force. If the pimple is truly ready, it will pop with relative ease. Okay, what if it’s not ready?

Here’s where you’ll realize there is more than a little wisdom in that advice about leaving pimples alone to let nature take its course. If the pimple resists and you start pinching and squeezing as hard as you can, you could end up permanently scarring yourself. If the pimple starts to drain clear fluid or worse yet, blood, stop and leave it alone.

Now what do you do? Keep absorbing the fluid until it stops draining and then apply an anti-bacterial crème. Unfortunately, if you develop a lot of pain, you might be in for a visit to a dermatologist. Think about that before you pop your next pimple!