Communication & Ethics

Beyond your own education during this process and selecting the right surgeon/facility, communication is the final key to successful plastic surgery.

Our patient counselor, plastic surgeon, and staff will explain realistically what you can expect from surgery – both in terms of the actual final result, as well as the recovery process.

The communication process is, firstly, one of education (understanding what a procedure can achieve and what it can’t), secondly, sharing exactly what you want with your surgeon (being clear about your desires), and, finally, setting expectations in terms of the outcome (understanding the surgery/recovery process).

First: Understanding what a procedure can achieve and what it can’t
Second: Explaining clearly what you want
Third: Having clear expectations

Understanding what a procedure can achieve.

You will begin this process with your own research and assumptions, but it will evolve. It is important to see before-and-after photos with a patient counselor or plastic surgeon explaining exactly what was addressed and why. Real case histories always tell the story best. Patients invariably learn that their desired result might be achieved with a different procedure or group of procedures than they initially thought. Similarly, patients become aware of what is possible and what is not. We often educate patients in terms of how not to “overdo” the surgery; we always strive for a natural result.
Explaining clearly what you want.

Bring in photos you like that show the best example of what you want or select one of the before-and-afters at his practice that best represents your issue and the result you want. This should start the dialogue with your surgeon about what can realistically be achieved. Our plastic surgeon is honest about what is realistic and what is not. He will advise you what will achieve the best balance (of facial structure, breast symmetry, or most attractive shape of the thighs) and look the most natural. He won’t promise you something that can’t be achieved just so that you will schedule surgery – those are ethics that, unfortunately, all surgeons don’t share.
Having clear expectations.

Surgery is surgery. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. There are risks. Our surgeon does everything to mitigate those risks. He also sets expectations so that you are not surprised when, for example, you have a noticeable scar from a tummy tuck or breast lift at the outset that fades over time. Nose reshaping takes one year to achieve a final result – patients must understand the time and subtlety of recovery. Our surgeon wants you to hear everything so that you are not surprised. That’s another reason we have satisfied patients.

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