Buttock Augmentation

Buttock Augmentation Surgery in Oakland

If you are interested in perkier, more prominent buttocks, buttock augmentation may be the solution you need. Buttock augmentation can help you achieve a youthful appearance in the buttocks that enhances your overall shape, giving you a more sensual body profile. Patients of all body types can attain an enhanced appearance and improved self-esteem through buttock augmentation.
What is buttock augmentation surgery?

Dr. Joseph N. Togba is experienced in buttock augmentation surgery and is committed to helping you achieve optimal results. At our office, we perform buttock augmentation using fat transfer to the buttock region, which is also known as a Brazilian Buttock Lift or simply a Brazilian Butt Lift. Because this procedure uses your own fat rather than implants, it is typically the most natural and safest way to augment your buttocks.

As our plastic surgeon sculpts the body to enhance the hour glass figure, the benefits of this procedure is 2 fold: Dr. Togba will first perform liposuction to the waistline and around the buttocks extracting fat to be used in the augmentation. Depending on your personal needs and desires, Dr. Togba may recommend liposuction in two or three areas of the body. The extracted fat is processed and purified, and then injected in small amounts into the buttocks to add shape and volume and create a fuller, rounder, and more prominent profile. Both the liposuction and fat grafting contribute to an improved and shapelier you.
Other body sculpting procedures Dr. Joseph N. Togba performs

Dr. Togba offers a number of body sculpting procedures in addition to buttock augmentation. If you are interested in further enhancing the appearance of your body, we may suggest procedures such as a tummy tuck, arm lift, thigh lift, or CoolSculpting. Buttock lift surgery is another procedure we perform to improve the profile and appearance of the buttocks.
Booking a consultation with your Oakland buttock augmentation surgeon

Before your procedure, you will meet with Dr. Togba in an individual consultation to discuss your desires and goals, as well as any concerns or questions. During this time, our plastic surgeon will review your treatment options with you and ensure that you have realistic expectations. Each patient is unique, and our team is committed to making certain that your specific desires and concerns are taken into account. When you choose Dr. Togba, you can rest assured that you are choosing a plastic surgeon with exceptional experience and skill.
What is the recovery period after buttock augmentation?

Recovery time following a Brazilian Butt Lift is generally about two weeks. As with all surgical procedures, there will be some swelling and bruising. To ensure optimal recovery, we recommend that you engage in walking after surgery.