Buttock Lift

Buttock Lift Surgery in Oakland

Getting older, along with the effects of gravity, can give us unwanted saggy skin around the buttocks that can’t be erased through diet or exercise. This unsightly skin can also result from weight loss surgery.
However, the look of your posterior can be greatly improved through a buttock lift done by Dr. Joseph N. Togba. The result will be a firmer, more toned contour for your buttocks and a boost to your self-image.
What is buttock lift surgery?

A more youthful, perky contour will be restored to your buttocks with a buttock lift procedure done by the experienced Oakland cosmetic surgeon Dr. Joseph N. Togba, a board-certified plastic surgeon.

A buttock lift is performed under general anesthesia. Dr. Joseph N. Togba makes an incision at the top of the buttocks, which will be concealed under the bikini line. The underlying tissue is then lifted and repaired. Fat can also be transferred to the buttocks to give a more pleasing shape.
Other body sculpting procedures Dr. Joseph N. Togba performs

A buttock lift alone will give you great results, but an even fuller rejuvenating makeover can be achieved by adding fat to the buttock area known as the Brazilian Buttock Lift and by combining it with a tummy tuck, arm lift, or inner thigh lift to tighten the entire body and improve contour and self-confidence.

Buttock lifts and inner thigh lifts are often performed together to remove excess skin from all around the medial thigh area, and having a buttock lift done along with liposuction is also a popular choice.
Booking a consultation with your Oakland buttock lift surgeon

Dr. Joseph N. Togba wants all of his patients to be completely satisfied with their procedure, which depends on their having realistic expectations about their butt lift in Oakland, California. To achieve this, all patients will have a thorough consultation at his plastic surgery practice.

The buttock lift, like all body contouring procedures, has best results when you have reached your ideal body weight. It’s important to know that these body contouring procedures are not weight loss techniques, but instead are perfect for removing excess skin, tightening muscles, and toning the body after weight loss.
What is the recovery period after a buttock lift?

Recovery time after a buttock lift is approximately two weeks. To ensure a speedy recovery, Dr. Joseph N. Togba encourages all of his patients to engage in walking after surgery.