Tips For Using Condom – Tips For Safer Sex

This is the best way for using condom through which you can prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) as well as unwanted pregnancy. It is very important for you for using condom if you have a tendency to enjoy sex with multiple partners simultaneously unless you are in a long-term monogamous relationship. Condoms have been shown to be 98% effective, when used it correctly and consistently.

Here are some tips for using condom that need to kept in mind in order to ensure that you get the best possible protection for yourself and your partner :

1. Check the Expiry Date : Always check the expiry date mentioned for the viagra femme condoms on the package before you buy them. . If you have kept them for a long time and don?t know how old they are, throw them away and get a new one. Old condoms might not offer you the maximum possible protection.

2. Check the Quality Certificate : Make sure that you try to look for the quality certificate of the condom on the packaging before buying it. If it carries the CE mark then you can be assured of its quality.

3. Open Condom Carefully : Do not open the package with your teeth, scissors, nails or other sharp objects. Carefully tear open one side, taking care not to tear the rubber, and ease the condom out onto your palm. Do not let your broken condom before use.

4. Use Condom Every Time : It is important for using a condom every single time during sex. Protection is the key for safer sex. Remember, even one intercourse without a condom can result in STDsand or pregnancy.

5. Use Condom Before Contact : Make sure that you wear the condom ?before any sexual contact or intercourse with your partner to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or other viruses.

6. Store Condom in the Right Place : Avoid to put them in the open or directly exposed to heat and light. Condoms made from latex/rubber, Too much heat can damage them. So, keep them in a cool, dry and safe place, but not in the fridge temperature is too cold. More, keep them away from hard objects such as keys in pockets, clam the iron in the bag or coins in a wallet. The sharp edges can tear the package and the condom.

7. Appropriate Size : Try to look for the appropriate size condom. Too big or too small condom may lead to the risk of sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy.

8. Use Condom After Erection : Wearing condom on your penis after getting a full erection will give you better protection than putting it on a flaccid penis.

9. Avoid Multiple Condom : Do not use male and female condom along with your partner because the two attached condom ineffective. Using two condoms simultaneously increases the chance of them rubbing against each other and causing friction to develop, thereby leading to failure and breakage.

10. Using a Lubricant : Using lubricant will increase the sensation that you feel and also help in keeping you harder and firmer longer. But, Do not use oil based products like body lotion, baby oil, cooking oil, grease, sunscreen or massage lotion. These oil based products can weaken the condom, leading to easy leakage and breakage. Instead use a quality water-based sexual lubricant, it is essential for penetrative sex because they cut down the risk of the condom tearing.

11. Keep Them Handy : Bring your condoms with you all the time even if you think you don?t need them.

12. Dispose Well : Make sure that you throw away the condom after it has been used. Always wrap the used condom in its foil packaging and dispose it off by throwing it in the trash. Do not throw out used condoms down the toilet because it can pollute the environment

Protection is everything. By using condom carefully and properly every time you have sex, then you can enjoy a healthy and long sexual life with minimal risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.